Snack-in-the-Box is ready for the new £1 coin!

Between 28th March and 15th October 2017 there will be a period of co-circulation where both old and new coins will be universally accepted. From 16th October it is anticipated all round £1 coins will be removed from circulation and will no longer be regarded as legal tender. 



Snack-in-the-Box has been working with
all of its Franchisees to ensure that our Vending Machines have been upgraded
to accept the new coins. This is an ongoing process, which is expected to be completed over the forthcoming weeks.



10 things you need to know about the new £1 coin!


1.  It will be launched on the 28th March 2017.

2.  The last day you can use the current round pound is the 15th October 2017.

3.  From the 16th October you will still be able to deposit the round pound at most High Street banks and the Post Office. 4. The new £1 will be the most secure coin in the world with numerous security features.

5.  Many of the round pounds will be melted down and reused to make the new £1 coin.

6.  It's estimated that around £433 million in savings jars are £1 coins and could be lost if people don't exchange them.

7.  The Royal Mint in Llantrisant, Wales is currently making 2,000 coins a minute.

8.  The Royal Mint is making 1.5 billion coins in total for distribution.

9.  Most equipment such as trollies, parking meters and vending machines should be adapted to accept both types of coins by the launch date.

10.  The coin was designed by 15-year-old David Pearce who won a competition. It includes the English rose, Welsh leek, Scottish thistle and Northern Irish shamrock.

SITB Top Vending Products

Top Vending Snacks


1. Twix
2. Snickers
3. Kit Kat
4. Twirl
5. Mars
6. Dairy Milk
7. Bounty
8. Galaxy
9. M&Ms
10. Maltesers
11. Galaxy
12. Minstrels


Some MARS Confectionery facts :

Mars are performing ahead of the market, supported by strong growth in bitesize!

Singles make up 73% of Vending market

In 2016, £21M media investment on Mars, Snickers, Twix


Introducing Mars Lifestyle

In 2017, Mars are introducing Mars Lifestyle which is a heathier range. The new products are:

Mars Trailmi - Branded Chocolate mixed with Dried Fruit & Nuts


General Mars Facts:

Snickers is the biggest global bars brand

Mars is the no. 3 choc brand

Twix is the no. 3 MARS brand and no. 1 vending brand

Bounty is the best selling coconut chocolate bar and no. 7 vending brand

Galaxy is the most advertisied chocolate brand in the UK

5 packs of Maltesers are sold every second

M&Ms was the fastest growing choc brand in 2016

Galaxy is the 2nd largest and fastest growing top 5 brand

Snack in the Box welcomes Adrian Duhig


Adrian joined SITB as a Franchisee in February 2017 and we have started the ‘launch’ a new business for him in the Herefordshire area – with over 180 new customers being found.
Adrian’s feedback is very positive after the first few weeks:

“ After working in a high pressure sales role for over 8 years I decided that, if I am going to take on this level of work, I may as well do it for myself. SITB supplied me with some predicted figures at launch and we are, after the first week, hitting these targets.
I was told that in the first week 90 box customers would be found and we managed this in just 3 days which allowed us to canvass for some machine sites later in the week. In my second week I spent time with one of the engineers who was very patient with me and explained in detail vending machine operations.
SITB have a small team which I find reassuring in both management, engineering administration and area sales team but this means they all seem to communicate on a regular basis.
When you think vending most people picture large industrial areas in Britain or airports and hotels. SITB has opened my eyes to possibilities that are available anywhere in the country, be it rural or metropolitan.
Vending is about convenience not population.
Obviously it is early days but I can say that it’s looking good”

Growth expected in global dark chocolate market


According to Technavio, global dark chocolate sales are expected to rise 9% each year up to 2019.

This is mainly due to the increased demand in developing nations such as India. It’s also been associated with health benefits it’s thought it can improve metabolism.

The health benefits of dark chocolate are likely to rise in the next five years.

Mars and Nestle are some of the biggest players in the dark chocolate space. Many predict India to be the fastest growing dark chocolate market in the world for the next few years. They say this is due to the rise in demand for premium chocolate.

Cocoa farmers adapt to threat of climate change with new program


A new program has been created because of the climate change to help cocoa farmers.

Mars, Nestle and Barry Callebaut are all the businesses that are to be part of the new program.

World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) have said the program will strengthen collaboration between the public and private sector. They also feel it will bring together all leading chocolate and cocoa companies.

The program will aim to develop solutions to climate and weather variability that poses a threat to smallholder coca farmers.

Climate modeling suggests various regions may need to change crops and cropping strategies. They feel it’s necessary that this new program takes place to keep the cocoa supply.

New Skittles production line at Yorkville


A $50m expansion has been completed by Mars, which will add 75 jobs and increase the workforce at the facility by 25%.

Wrigley’s Yorkville factory produces Mars brands, including Life Savers, Doublemint and Juicy Fruit already.

Mars decided on the expansion because the brand launched new seasonal flavour Skittles America Mix.

The company have said “The new Skittles link Yorkville is the latest example of Mars’ on going commitment to advancing the communities where it operates through economic investment, job creation and sustainable practices,”

 Mars has invested $1bn in US factories and operations. It’s created more than 1,000 jobs within the last 5 years. Which has shown the growth the company is making. It plans to invest an extra $900m on expansion of operations, staff training and development over the next few years.