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Business development forms a major part of our franchisee training and is integral to the business as it expands. It remains part of our ongoing support and forms a significant part of formal business reviews.


Business Development

Andy Prouse is SITB’s Business Development Manager and took on this important role 18 months ago, after previously running a SITB Franchise. So he is no stranger to operation of our Franchise and business development. He currently works very closely with all new Franchisees, focusing on operational, financial and development support, very much in a field based role offering ‘one-on-one’ support to our Franchisees. We asked Andy to discuss the importance of Franchisees developing their business, so as to increase their sales and in-turn profits!

“Why is Business Development so Important?”

“Any successful business has to continually look to develop.

This means continually improving what is offered to existing customers to maintain their support but also devising a plan to find and retain new business. A continual drive to expand offers greater possibilities to increase turnover, refine the customer base and absorb any natural losses.”

“Who is responsible for development?”

“The franchisee is responsible for developing their own business. The franchisee has to bring organisation and determination

Business development forms a major part of our initial franchisee training and is integral to the business as it expands. It therefore remains part of our ongoing support and forms a significant part of formal business reviews and regular informal discussions.”

“How much time should a franchisee spend on developing their business?”

“This is quite a personal thing and different franchisees will approach it differently.

Some will specifically put aside half a day to a day per week to really focus their efforts, others will have more of an ongoing plan where they look to spend an hour per day, maybe after completion of their round. Some prefer to have a major push once every month or so, possibly getting extra support, and spend a couple of days really developing their business.

The important thing really is that it isn’t just an afterthought or something to do if you finish early one day. Business development has to form an integral part of your working week in the same way that servicing customers will”

“Give 3 examples of ways to find new business?”

“There are a huge number of ways to promote & develop business, especially with the increased use of social media

1). The most widely used tool is canvassing. This is personally visiting and/or telephoning potential new customers in specific areas that you wish to develop, or already have existing business, and talking to them about the service that you offer.

2). Referrals offer a good way to develop business by asking existing customers to recommend your service to other branches, to neighbouring businesses or even the workplaces of family and friends.

3). A successful third option is for a franchisee to join the local Chamber of Commerce and therefore created access to a huge number of local businesses, many of whom either had no vending facilities or welcomed the opportunity to support a local vending operator”

“Give 3 examples of increasing sales with existing customers?”

“1). Actually give customers what they want, not what you think they should have. This will come about by talking and engaging with them, asking them which products they prefer and ensuring that you then respond to this.

2). Increase the product range that you offer. Hot and cold drinks, health bars, larger items of confectionery are all options open to you and will be well received by many customers. You might also ask certain customers to trial new products for you.

3). Use the full range of equipment available to you to best meet a customer’s needs. As we can offer equipment appropriate to any type of workplace from the honesty boxes for smaller offices, to medium and large sized vending machines, there is an option to suit every need and you can adjust and expand this as their needs change.”

“What support do SITB offer to assist with development?”

“Business development is very much at the heart of what we believe and aim to instill in our franchisees.

From the initial training to the very close support throughout the launch of the business, and then the ongoing emphasis on development throughout the first year and beyond, SITB Franchise Managers and wider business constantly encourage and support the growth of every franchise. Ongoing business reviews focus on development with plans being constantly revised to help a franchisee meet their own targets.

Snack in the Box itself receives numerous enquiries from new customers weekly which are always passed straight onto the relevant franchisee. The business also has access to a range of equipment and sales support that can be utilised by franchisees as they seek to develop.


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