Delivering Snacks and Confectionery
to the Workplace!

For the past 18 years, Snack in the Box has become renowned for confectionery delivery to UK workplaces.

In September 2009, Snack in the Box was acquired by SnackTime PLC. Now part of one of the UK's largest national operators of confectionery and snack vending machines. The Group has installed thousands of vending machines through the UK & Ireland.

The change in ownership allowed SITB to significantly improve the franchise packages available. Especially regarding profit margins, establishment and the sustainability of customers.

First Class Sales Support

Snack in the Box Limited owes much of its success to an effective, professional sales team. This team will be used to establish a genuine customer base for your new franchise, customers will be found for 100% of the equipment included in your franchise package.

The Snack in the Box installation team will also install the equipment into the customer premises. The support doesn't stop there, our sales team can be used at any time as well as a number of other areas of sales support - all helping you grow and develop your business.