Our service is offered with no cost... it's simple!

We take care of everything for our clients. They simply pay for what they eat, it couldn't be easier! In the working environment there are generally only 3 places where people obtain confectionery:

They bring it in from home.

Staff member visits a convenience store/garage etc at 10am, 1pm and 3pm to buy snacks.

Snack in the Box has proved that staff will purchase snacks when a regular, reliable service is offered under a corporate image in a pro-active way.

When you analyse it, snack vending is an impulse buy. It's less than a £1 decision, you want it and you want it now. As soon as the wrapper is taken off you have to have another one. That makes it both repeat business and recession proof!

It's Official! The UK has the sweetest tooth in the world! The average UK resident eats 11kg of chocolate, 5kg of sweets and 132 bags of crisps per annum.

In terms of money this works out at an average of almost £63 on chocolate plus £30 on sweets for every man, woman and child in a UK population of 59 million. The workplace can be a pressurised and busy environment for both management and employees. Management would like to provide facilities for their staff