Welcome to latest Snack in the Box franchisee

Our latest new franchisee is Stephen Bundy who has taken over the areas of Fife, Perth and Dundee in the east of Scotland.


Stephen has considerable experience of both the hospitality and licensing trades but decided it was time to take back control of his working life and run a business for himself. He wanted something that was simple and with a proven track record and ideally something that didn’t require any real previous knowledge or technical expertise.

Since training in the middle of September, Stephen has had a very busy month taking over an existing estate of more than 60 machines and with a box launch of 60 further new customers.

Things are now starting to settle into a routine which he’s been craving since the beginning and can finally happen with the new sites established.

He knows that much work lies ahead to develop the business that he wants, and is prepared for that, but the early signs are very promising.

Celebrate with Chocolate Week 2017

Chocolate week sees the 13th consecutive yearly celebrations this week from 9th – 15th October, 2017. Hundreds of events are expected across the UK, with the country’s top chocolatiers and chocolate companies, hotels and restaurants celebrating.

We can expect talks, tastings, demonstrations and sampling, as well as lots of exciting product launches.

This week aims to promote our beloved chocolate, with all of its flavour and variety and also favour independent chocolatiers and companies who work directly with cocoa farmers to encourage a more cost efficient process.

Chocolate week has been organised by Sylvie Douce and Francois Jeantet who are organsiers of the Salon du Chocolat around the world, including the London Chocolate Show held this week, showcasing many important brands and companies.

The show is expected to see 30,000 chocolate fans, in its fifth year. It will be showcasing many UK companies, as well as international and European companies. There will also be demonstrations, talks and workshops so plenty to get stuck into for chocolate fans everywhere.

Why not celebrate in style this year and get baking or inventing with your favourite snacks?

Snack in the Box continues to 'drive' success with its Franchisees

As part of our initial operational support, Snack in the Box provides our new Franchisees with customer ‘routing’ assistance. Using specialist software, we are able to plot a Franchisees customer visits for each day.

The software plots the quickest route for the days ‘customer visits’, which allows new Franchisees to maximise the number of customers that can be visited in one day and in-turn maximise their sales revenues. 


Sean Cleveland, Sales Director of SITB, adds:

“Our New Franchisees find this area of support invaluable, as it ensures all customers are visited and provides Franchisees with a set route and ‘call plan’. We provide this service to Franchisees during their first month of trading, as it can be quite daunting visiting over 30 customers in day!”

Four benefits Chocolate can offer

There is scientific evidence showing that chocolate has the feel-good factor, as many of us already know! This is due to it’s mood elevating ingredients, like caffeine, theobromine, tyrosine and tryptophan, complimenting its delicious yet moreish taste.

This is why it’s so important to hold chocolate consumption as part of a well balanced and healthy diet, as it can also contribute to obesity and other health problems when eaten in excess. Dark chocolate boasts the highest cocoa solid content, offering more health benefits than milk chocolate with lower fat content and also contains antioxidants. So what other benefits can it offer?

Improving mood

Aspects of chocolate stimulate the feel-good areas of the brain – including the taste, smell and texture we all know and love. Interestingly, chocolate also contains tryptophan, which is an amino acid that helps activate the production of serotonin (the brain’s natural anti-depressant). Some experts have said that it can produce similar feelings to when we fall in love.

Heart health

When eaten in moderation, chocolate can actually lower blood pressure, thin the blood (reducing stroke risks) and also act as an anti-inflammatory. This is due to the chocolates flavonoids, which widen and relax blood vessels, in turn helping to lower blood pressure in some instances.

Calms a cough

This is an unusual fact which many people may not know! Chocolate contains a chemical called theobromine which has been researched to suppress coughing by responding to the vagus nerve. This is where messages are carried from the central nervous system to the brain.

Benefits for your brain

Epicatechin which is found in cocoa and green tea can help protect the brain against the formation of stick proteins or amyloid plaques, which usually develop in such diseases as Alzheimer’s.

Welcome to our new SITB franchisees

Liam Maher - Humberside

Liam Maher joined SITB at the beginning of August and has taken over the Humberside and North Lincolnshire areas


Liam’s background is in IT and Project Management and he has spent much of his working life in the US. When he decided to return to the UK he was looking for a business, rather than a job, and looked at a number of franchise opportunities. He chose Snack-In-The-Box as it incorporated the things that he most enjoys; dealing with people and driving.

So far so good… Liam’s wife, Angela, has been playing her part as has their daughter, so they are all starting to understand the business and its potential. Liam is certainly enjoying the challenge of the early weeks and is looking forward to growing the business over the coming months and years.

Imran Saeed - Teeside

Imran joined the SITB team at the beginning of August this year and has now found his feet in time for the very busy months ahead. Imran has taken over responsibility for the Teeside area travelling up to Durham and down into North Yorkshire.


With a family history of owning businesses, Imran knew that he wanted to follow this same path. His background is in Accounting, but realising it was time for a change, he’d previously looked at Snack In The Box but the time hadn’t been right. However, a few years later, he looked again and found that the existing business in his area was available to purchase, and so he decided that he couldn’t turn down this opportunity. Imran has already been involving additional family members in the running of the business so it’s a real family affair.

Imran’s initial thoughts about this business were that it was something which had a great business model but nothing too complicated and where he could use all of his experience from previous jobs and earn a good living from it now, and in the future.

His aim now is to continue the great customer service and make sure he’s providing what each and every customer wants in order to make it into a profitable franchise that supports his family and provides the balance he’s been looking for.

Snack in the Box – Continues to build relationships with suppliers

AR warehouse.jpg

SITB continues to work with its suppliers of confectionery products, to ensure our Franchisees receive competitively priced products and a first class service.

We have a number of ‘Nominated Suppliers’, which includes Automatic Retailing – who are a specialist wholesaler to the Vending Industry. They have been supplying products to our Franchisees for over 10 years.

John Crichton, Chief Executive of Automatic Retailing adds:


“We have been Supplying to the SITB franchise network for over 10 years. We strive to give the service that is expected and deserved by our valued customers which includes delivering a vast choice of confectionery, beverages, snacks and drinks at a competitive price, in pristine condition.

We have evolved as a business by stocking over 1000 lines giving choice and assurance that we have excellent relationships with major Brands such as Mars, Walkers, Britvic…....the list goes on. As our market is crying out for "healthier" products, we also have a range of snacks and sugar free drinks to help fulfil our customer expectations”

Snack in the Box to Exhibit at The National Franchise Exhibition in October 2017

We are delighted to announce that Snack in the Box will be exhibiting again at the NEC. The National Franchise Exhibition is the largest Franchise Exhibition in the UK – with over 120 exhibitors.


The Exhibition take places over 2 days on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th of October 2017 – at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.

Please come and visit us on STAND G120 to find out more about our Franchise, by having an inform ‘chat’ with our Management Team and also Snack in the Box Franchisees!

For free tickets please contact us direct:
Tel : 0208 8798303 or Email: sean@sitb.co.uk

Snack in the Box strengthens relationship with Franchisee Insurance Providers

Snack in the Box have jointly been working with ‘Clear’ for over the last 8-years and are able offer our Franchisees a bespoke insurance package that cover both Vehicle and Business Insurance for their Franchised businesses.

CLEAR are specialist insurers designed for anyone involved in the vending industry.


They currently manage the insurance for around 50 of our franchisees and are also able to personalise packages for individuals.

Sean Cleveland, Sales Director of SITB, adds:

“When first coming into business there are a number of things for a Franchisee to consider in relation to being self-employed – The support and advice CLEAR gives SITB and our Franchisees, around insurance, is first class and they certainly make it ‘easy’ for our Franchisees when considering and weighing up all of the insurance policies available to them”

Eat chocolate like a connoisseur!

The UK has the sweetest tooth in the world! The average UK resident eats 11kg of chocolate, 5kg of sweets and 132 bags of crisps per annum.

In terms of money this works out at an average of almost £63 on chocolate plus £30 on sweets for every man, woman and child in a UK population of 59 million. The workplace can be a pressurised and busy environment for both management and employees, so ensuring it is adequately prepped with a little something for everyone to enjoy really goes a long way with morale.

Chocolate is actually a very complex food (especially high end brands) it’s packed with cocoa solids, and many factors can change the way it tastes. This includes the way the cacoa beans grow, the conditions, as well as the nutrients in the soil they grow from. Roasting and fermenting also play a key part.

Everyone should appreciate good chocolate once in a while! So treat yourself to your favourite luxury chocolate (or just your all time favourite!) with these tips – because everyone knows that in order to become a professional, practice makes perfect

Step 1 - Check how your chocolate looks
Chocolate should have a glossy shine to it, cracks and pale streaks mean that the cocoa butter is unmixed. Bubbles on the corners and edges also indicate air trapped inside, before it sets – make sure it’s smooth.

Step 2 - Prepare your taste buds
If you can – it helps to avoid stronger flavours (like coffee) after or before chocolate as this will impair your ability to really appreciate the taste, especially if it has subtle flavours. Eating something neutral beforehand helps reset your palate, like bread, water or hazelnuts.

Step 2 - Take your time and enjoy
It’s nice to enjoy slowly sometimes! Wait for the chocolate to melt in your mouth  rather than chew or crunch, to maximise taste and fill taste buds and activate all of your senses!