Welcome to latest Snack in the Box franchisee

Our latest new franchisee is Stephen Bundy who has taken over the areas of Fife, Perth and Dundee in the east of Scotland.


Stephen has considerable experience of both the hospitality and licensing trades but decided it was time to take back control of his working life and run a business for himself. He wanted something that was simple and with a proven track record and ideally something that didn’t require any real previous knowledge or technical expertise.

Since training in the middle of September, Stephen has had a very busy month taking over an existing estate of more than 60 machines and with a box launch of 60 further new customers.

Things are now starting to settle into a routine which he’s been craving since the beginning and can finally happen with the new sites established.

He knows that much work lies ahead to develop the business that he wants, and is prepared for that, but the early signs are very promising.