Nestle to reduce sugar content in confectionery

Nestle has announced that they will be sticking to their plans of reducing 10% of total sugar from their confectionery by 2018 in the UK and Ireland.

It has been said that the cut is inspiring by the rising levels of sugar in products since 2015. It has also been implied that if certain steps are not taken to reduce sugar levels, a government driven tax may need to be introduced. To get an idea of reduction in mass, it will total around 7,500 tonnes. This will affect many well known and well loved chocolate bars including KitKat, Lion, Quality Street, Toffee crisp, Rolo, Aero, Munchies and Yorkie.

In order to achieve these goals, nestle have said that instead of replacing with artificial sweeteners, they will be replacing the sugar with higher amounts of existing ingredients or alternative non artificial ingredients, which will allow the calories to remain lower. The aim is to keep the taste as similar as possible and making minimal compromises on the great taste. Another option will the that the sizes will be made smaller, this will mean that the taste is affected the least, whilst still remaining true to cutting sugar and calories.

Another key point has been that Nestle have stated that they have come to a key breakthrough in food science research which will allow them to reduce sugar content by up to 40%. The basis of this is that scientists have claimed to find a way to structure sugar differently within the confectionery. This has been welcomed and encouraged by Public Heath England.

Nestle are said to feel proud to commit to making healthy changes to their products and begin to trial their findings and efforts, sending a positive message out to ensure that confectionery can keep its great taste whilst cutting sugar content.