SITB Top Vending Products

Top Vending Snacks


1. Twix
2. Snickers
3. Kit Kat
4. Twirl
5. Mars
6. Dairy Milk
7. Bounty
8. Galaxy
9. M&Ms
10. Maltesers
11. Galaxy
12. Minstrels

Some MARS Confectionery facts :

  • Mars are performing ahead of the market, supported by strong growth in bitesize!
  • Singles make up 73% of Vending market
  • In 2016, £21M media investment on Mars, Snickers, Twix

Introducing Mars Lifestyle

In 2017, Mars are introducing Mars Lifestyle which is a heathier range. The new products are:

Mars Trailmi - Branded Chocolate mixed with Dried Fruit & Nuts




General Mars Facts:

  • Snickers is the biggest global bars brand
  • Mars is the no. 3 choc brand
  • Twix is the no. 3 MARS brand and no. 1 vending brand
  • Bounty is the best selling coconut chocolate bar and no. 7 vending brand
  • Galaxy is the most advertisied chocolate brand in the UK
  • 5 packs of Maltesers are sold every second
  • M&Ms was the fastest growing choc brand in 2016
  • Galaxy is the 2nd largest and fastest growing top 5 brand