Snack in the Box welcomes Adrian Duhig


Adrian joined SITB as a Franchisee in February 2017 and we have started the ‘launch’ a new business for him in the Herefordshire area – with over 180 new customers being found.
Adrian’s feedback is very positive after the first few weeks:

“ After working in a high pressure sales role for over 8 years I decided that, if I am going to take on this level of work, I may as well do it for myself. SITB supplied me with some predicted figures at launch and we are, after the first week, hitting these targets.
I was told that in the first week 90 box customers would be found and we managed this in just 3 days which allowed us to canvass for some machine sites later in the week. In my second week I spent time with one of the engineers who was very patient with me and explained in detail vending machine operations.
SITB have a small team which I find reassuring in both management, engineering administration and area sales team but this means they all seem to communicate on a regular basis.
When you think vending most people picture large industrial areas in Britain or airports and hotels. SITB has opened my eyes to possibilities that are available anywhere in the country, be it rural or metropolitan.
Vending is about convenience not population.
Obviously it is early days but I can say that it’s looking good”