UK sets the standard for colour coding Chocolate across Europe

Some of the UK’s biggest confectionery and drinks brands including Coca Cola, Mars, Mondelez, Nestle, Pepsi and Unilever will be taking their traffic light labelling system to Europe.

This has been acknowledged and will be going ahead, although it has not be announced when for each country yet. The use of portion control on the labels is up for debate thus far. This has actually been up for discussion since 2008.

These six companies have released a joint statement stating they want their consumers to have a consistent and easy to read labelling system which is uniform across Europe, complying with the EU regulations. The end goal is to put a robust nutrition guide in place, ensuing consumers can make balanced choices.

Nestle has said that the logo will look exactly the same as the UK’s traffic light colour coloured system on the front of chocolate and confectionery, with its visual appearance as well as its wording.

Some of the confusion around the portion sizing stands and they have said they are currently trying to address these issues. The UK system has room to evolve and improve to give a simpler reading.