Eat chocolate like a connoisseur!

The UK has the sweetest tooth in the world! The average UK resident eats 11kg of chocolate, 5kg of sweets and 132 bags of crisps per annum.

In terms of money this works out at an average of almost £63 on chocolate plus £30 on sweets for every man, woman and child in a UK population of 59 million. The workplace can be a pressurised and busy environment for both management and employees, so ensuring it is adequately prepped with a little something for everyone to enjoy really goes a long way with morale.

Chocolate is actually a very complex food (especially high end brands) it’s packed with cocoa solids, and many factors can change the way it tastes. This includes the way the cacoa beans grow, the conditions, as well as the nutrients in the soil they grow from. Roasting and fermenting also play a key part.

Everyone should appreciate good chocolate once in a while! So treat yourself to your favourite luxury chocolate (or just your all time favourite!) with these tips – because everyone knows that in order to become a professional, practice makes perfect

Step 1 - Check how your chocolate looks
Chocolate should have a glossy shine to it, cracks and pale streaks mean that the cocoa butter is unmixed. Bubbles on the corners and edges also indicate air trapped inside, before it sets – make sure it’s smooth.

Step 2 - Prepare your taste buds
If you can – it helps to avoid stronger flavours (like coffee) after or before chocolate as this will impair your ability to really appreciate the taste, especially if it has subtle flavours. Eating something neutral beforehand helps reset your palate, like bread, water or hazelnuts.

Step 2 - Take your time and enjoy
It’s nice to enjoy slowly sometimes! Wait for the chocolate to melt in your mouth  rather than chew or crunch, to maximise taste and fill taste buds and activate all of your senses!