Welcome to our new SITB franchisees

Liam Maher - Humberside

Liam Maher joined SITB at the beginning of August and has taken over the Humberside and North Lincolnshire areas


Liam’s background is in IT and Project Management and he has spent much of his working life in the US. When he decided to return to the UK he was looking for a business, rather than a job, and looked at a number of franchise opportunities. He chose Snack-In-The-Box as it incorporated the things that he most enjoys; dealing with people and driving.

So far so good… Liam’s wife, Angela, has been playing her part as has their daughter, so they are all starting to understand the business and its potential. Liam is certainly enjoying the challenge of the early weeks and is looking forward to growing the business over the coming months and years.

Imran Saeed - Teeside

Imran joined the SITB team at the beginning of August this year and has now found his feet in time for the very busy months ahead. Imran has taken over responsibility for the Teeside area travelling up to Durham and down into North Yorkshire.


With a family history of owning businesses, Imran knew that he wanted to follow this same path. His background is in Accounting, but realising it was time for a change, he’d previously looked at Snack In The Box but the time hadn’t been right. However, a few years later, he looked again and found that the existing business in his area was available to purchase, and so he decided that he couldn’t turn down this opportunity. Imran has already been involving additional family members in the running of the business so it’s a real family affair.

Imran’s initial thoughts about this business were that it was something which had a great business model but nothing too complicated and where he could use all of his experience from previous jobs and earn a good living from it now, and in the future.

His aim now is to continue the great customer service and make sure he’s providing what each and every customer wants in order to make it into a profitable franchise that supports his family and provides the balance he’s been looking for.