Interesting facts about Chocolate you may not know

Chocolate takes on flavours that are around it

So make sure that you keep your chocolate sealed or covered if you are saving it for later!

The top 3 celebrations for chocolate sales are Christmas, Easter and Valentines Day

It’s not Halloween! Valentine’s beat it to the Number 3 spot.

The melting point is below that of the human body

This is why it literally melts in your mouth! Delicious!

White chocolate isn’t technically chocolate

One of it’s key ingredients cocoa butter comes from the cacao bean

Tempering Chocolate is the reason for it’s signature shine

As well as it’s satisfying snap

The scientific name for the tree that grows cocoa beans is Theobroma cacao

It actually translates to ‘food of the Gods’

The Maya and Aztecs were the first to grow cacao

They initially used the beans as currency to buy food and clothing

Chocolatiers take the chocolate and finish the product

Chocolate makers create, but the aesthetics are dealt with by the professional Chocolatiers

The number percentage on the packaging shows how much cacao is inside

The higher percentage normally indicates a ‘darker’ chocolate