Continuing the journey to chocolate sustainability

Customers, and the public are becoming increasingly more interested in how, and where their food comes from and its subsequent impact. It’s aligned with our ever informed advancements and we like to know that little bit more.

In the corporate food market, sustainability can be a term that is used for box ticking or a nice to have part of the annual reports. But with the growing concerns from customers in general the credentials have to add up amongst the businesses. Companies are paying more attention too. In 2016, the UK saw an £81.3billion market for ethical produce. The sector had grown by more than 40billion since 2008, with average households spending approximately £1,200 on ethical products and brands in 2016.

Companies should view this shift a simply acting responsibly and in line with the changing expectations and world we live in. It should align with the founders and shareholders personal values and claims to achieve lasting sustainability into the future.

The cacao industry is huge and there are many generations that have been involved. The future of the market needs to take into consideration purpose and ethics to ensure a long term relevance in the market place.