Chocolate Trends for the New Year

The adventurous chocolate consumer will continue to be one of the top trends into the new year, according to market research.

The online world has led customers of all ages to become more clued up on cultures, and 35% of ‘new discovery’ claims compared to the past 2 years.

The top trends in food and drink are eagerly anticipated by the industry and by the public as we see new indications of innovations and developments come into fruition.

Top 5 predicted trends for 2019:

1. The adventurous consumer

Discovery within the food and drinks industry has been on the rise. This is a continuous focus point when given so many sources of new information online.

2. Plant based

The plant kingdom market research shows no signs of slowing down after increasing over the last 5 years

3. Alternative ingredients

Consumers are beginning to pay much more attention to things like health and sustainability, as well as replacement ingredients and foods.

4. Sustainability focus

The green appeal focuses on the sustainability of products and brands, trying to keep up with the growing expectations of the public.

5. Regular snacking

This is of course part of most people’s lives and this trend is vert much set as part of our daily routine.