Nestle to launch new UK exclusive bar - Milkybar Wowsomes

The new Wowsome bar will be avialable in the UK and Ireland from March and will feature 30% less sugar than other chocolate bars. Nestle have stated that the product doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colours or flavours and it is also the first Milkybar to contain both milk and white chocolate within the same bar!

Nestle are introducing two varieties of the Wowsome bar – one that is simply white chocolate, and the other will be milk and white chocolate combined. Both contain a delicious crispy oat cereal

The sugar reduction has been a welcome addition, with natural ingredients being a priority for Nestle and their new creations.  The sugar that is in the bar used a method that is inspired by candy floss with an ultra fast melt in the mouth dissolving method. At only 95 calories per individual bar, it sounds like a delicious light treat.

Nestle went on to add that the new bars are not the first step in their sugar reduction route. These efforts are in accordance with their goal to cut 10% of sugar in their whole confectionery range by 2018. So far, they have achieved a solid 7.4%.

News also states how their have changed their recipes as a leading confectionery brand, showing an example of removing 1,000 tonnes of sugar (totaling a whopping 3 bn calories) from KitKat’s alone in the UK. This was done by adding extra milk and cocoa! More sugar reduced snacks will be coming to the market soon.