The UK is the first in Europe to try the Ruby KitKat!

Nestle have released the Ruby version of the classic 4 finger kitkat. Chocolate loves in the UK will be the first customers to try its new bar. This unique bar is pink, and offers a brand new and exciting taste experience. The bar features the iconic wafer, covered in ruby chocolate (derived from ruby cocoa beans) which serves an intense berry and fruity taste sensation. Despite it’s unique colour, there are no additions in flavour or colours!

Ruby chocolate itself has been stirring up a storm since chocolate connoisseurs have generated interest last year. There was an announcement in September regarding the bar, and it’s now on sale everywhere in the UK to try.

Kitkat made with Ruby chocolate was first introduced earlier this year in Japan and Korea as Kitkat Chocolatory Sublime Ruby sold exclusively at Kitkat Chocolatory boutiques, complementing more than 350 ‘Made in Japan’ products in a massive variety of flavours.

The launch of a breakthrough innovation like with Ruby chocolate underlines Nestlé’s commitment to developing new, innovative products to help grow its leading confectionery brands around the world and we can’t wait to see what else is in store!