What else can you cut out for lent other than chocolate?

After Shrove Tuesday has been and gone, it’s swiftly followed, religiously by 40 days of fasting. This goes on until Easter. So many of us, religiously or not, tend to cut out part of our diets like chocolate, crisps, snacks, drinks etc. But what if you just can’t resist chocolate, or you enjoy it as a snack, must you cut it out this year? We look at a few alternative options that could serve as positive eating habits to take up.

Making a packed lunch

How often do you make your lunch? It’s a great way to stay organised and in control of your eating, as well as saving money too!

Give something you hated once, another chance

Did you hate one certain type of food growing up? Maybe it’s time to give it another shot. Your taste changes, and you might pick up a healthy new favourite.

Bake for your friends and/or colleagues

You can use odds and ends, or leftovers to cook up a storm. You could share a batch of cookies at work, or send your kids in with them to school, they always go down a treat.

Check you’re using the right oils

Apparently, there are specific uses for all of those different oils, so do some research!

Get to grips with that kitchen skill you can never get right

Whether it’s poaching an egg, cooking a steak, whipping meringue, it will feel satisfying finally nailing it.

Embark on a 10 day veg challenge, or meat free Mondays

Do you think you’re up for the challenge? Lent could be a great opportunity to work a vegan or vegetarian day into your routine.

Improve your sleep

Maybe it’s time to see how your evening habits affect your sleep by changing up your routine, this could mean cutting out tea or coffee at night to see if it helps you sleep or if you’re eating too late to aid digestion.