Which Easter eggs will you buy this year?

What’s new for Easter this year? News in the Chocolate world has been splitting opinions this Easter. The Bounty Easter Egg was announced earlier in the year and it’s very much divided the nation. Whether you love it or hate it, the Bounty Egg will be arriving in 2019 in full force.

From Cadbury, we see another year for the White Crème Egg challenge. Across the UK there are 783 white chocolate Creme Eggs hidden in normal wrappers and there's also another challenge to find them hidden in adverts from other brands of chocolate.

The hunt officially started back in January. Getting yourself one of the white chocolate eggs could see you enjoying your Easter break even more so than a few days off! In 2018 the prize money for finding one of the eggs was up to £2,000. But this year sees a vast increase with £10,000 up for grabs.

Asda will have egg worth £10,000, four worth £1,000, 11 worth £100 and 95 worth £50.

Co-op has the same amount as Asda but it will release seven somewhere in the UK each week.

Marks & Spencers has one egg with £10,000, one worth £1,000, one worth £100 and 108 £50 - with seven also being released in mainland UK on a weekly basis.

Morrisons, Sainsbury's and Tesco will be following Asda and the Co-op with one egg worth £10,000, four worth £1,000, 11 worth £100 and 95 worth £50.

That's if you find the eggs themselves. If you actually find one in an advert and take a picture, you could be in with a chance a prize of £10,000. There will also be 30,000 vouchers for regular, milk chocolate Creme Eggs, and 1,000 white chocolate Creme Egg prizes.