Here's why you shouldn’t feel guilty about eating chocolate over Easter weekend

Easter Sunday is here, and with it comes more chocolate than most of us will eat in rest of the year combined!

We see all of Easter eggs in shops, and then we see them on social media, then we want more!

Here’s why you should indulge a little bit over Easter weekend, and feel nothing but chocolate covered joy.

1.     It’s a tradition

All of our national celebrations require some sort of unusual behaviour. If we have to eat Brussels at Christmas, come Easter you can indulge in a few bunny-shaped chocolates and not feel guilty about it!

2.     You don’t want to spoil the fun

Rest assured refusal to join will be interpreted as holiday shaming. We suggest at least a little Easter spirit.

3.     Indulging occasionally is good for you

A little of what you fancy does you good!

4. The chocolate itself a problem – it’s how you feel about it

It’s more about our relationship with food, how we feel about our own willpower and the standards we try to commit to that influence it.

5. Eating chocolate makes you happy

 Chocolate contains the mild stimulant Theobromine, mild euphoria chemical Phenylethylalanine, and the amino acid Tryptophan, which is used by the brain to generate serotonin.

So chocolate can be a mood-booster, backed by science!