Sweet Sundays are back!

Sweet Sunday offers are back and we couldn’t be happier. You can get yourself down to the cinema with your sweet packaging once more. The offer means you can claim free tickets if you buy at least 2 of the products.


The offer is across Mars sweets, including Skittles, Minstrels, M&M’s, Malteasers and Starburst. To claim you free ticket you must collect ten stars from the packets of sweets that are included in the deal.

For example, family size and ‘more to share’ bags offer 5 stars a bag, so you’ll need to buy two to qualify for the needed 10 stars per one free ticket.

The promotional packs vary in cost so make sure you pick out your favourites (or the cheapest!)

You can also buy five smaller standard pouches of the promotional sweets, which are worth two stars each - but that will generally be more expensive than buying two larger bags.

Participating cinemas include: Empire, Cineworld, Picturehouse, Savoy, Reel, Grovesnor, Showcase, Merlin and Scott Cinemas.

The promotion doesn't start until May 22nd. But the packs of sweets included in the deal have already started appearing on the shelves in Tesco!