Youghurt covered Skittles Dips added to the Skittles family

These exiting new Skittles have been covered in yoghurt to give a brand new taste experience! The sweets combine our much loved Skittles texture and fruitiness with a smooth coating, designed to appeal to a wide range of people.

Skittles Dips are added to the range amongst Skittles Chewies, which were originally launched last year in 2018.

Mars say:

“In keeping with that ethos and following the successful launch of Skittles Chewies last year, where we removed the Skittles shell for a softer texture, we are disrupting the category even further by launching Skittles Dips. By combining the balance of sweet, fruity flavours with tangy yoghurt, fans of Skittles will enjoy something completely new, and totally indulgent from the brand.”


“By tapping into the growing trend for yoghurt-coated treats, we want to provide a more premium, indulgent experience for the consumer and give retailers another great opportunity to grow the category.”

Skittles Dips are available in shops now and they come in four formats. This includes 35g singles, 95g bags, 115g pouches and 150g pouches.