Marathon bars are back!

30 years after Marathon bars were renamed Snickers, they’re coming back for a limited time only!

The chocolate bar was first introduced in the 1930s by Mars. The change came when the manufacturers wanted to change the UK name to match the American branding.

The wrapper actually had both of the names for a while during the transitional period.

Of course some chocolate connoisseurs will remember the original Marathon bars, pre 1990.

Retro sweet fans will be delighted to know that this will be a limited edition bar with the nostalgic Marathon packaging.

The limited packaging will last for 12 weeks, starting from today (9th September) before going back to Snickers. You will be able to buy a pack of 4, or single bars – so keep your eyes peeled!

It’s no surprise to us, but Snickers has grown to be one of the best selling chocolate bars or all time, with annual sales across the world totalling a whopping 1 billion.