The Vending Franchise Package

Snack in-the-box vending franchise package starts from £19,450 +VAT and consists of comprehensive snack machines and support so franchisees can run your new vending business as effectively as possible.

Franchisees receive:

225 Self Service Vending Boxes

15 Slimline Vending Machines

1 Combination Vending Machine

Vending Equipment


225 Self Service Vending Boxes


15 Slimline Vending Machines


1 Combination Vending Machine

We also offer additional items of equipment, if required. The package includes an extra week of sales support during the first year - after customer service training has taken place.

Franchisee Package includes:

Initial Stock - Provided by SITB for your first batch of new customers.

A Comprehensive Training Programme - An intensive one week franchisee course at our Head Office. Focusing on software packages, sales training, stock ordering and controls, customer service and engineering.

2 week on-site Business Launch - Our experienced sales team will visit new franchisees for two weeks to establish 100% of the initial client base. These two weeks will be spent helping and advising franchisees to provide field sales and customer service training. The launch will provide the franchisee with a customer base and income from day one. Sales campaigns can also be extended if necessary.

Additional Sales Support - In the first year of running your vending business, an additional week of canvasing sales support is provided to the franchisee, to assist with replacement and incremental business.

Marketing Materials - A selection of professionally designed and branded materials will be supplied to enable franchisees to develop their vending franchise business to potential customers.

Stationery - An initial package of Snack in the Box branded stationery items with SITB corporate identity will be provided. We are authorised to use the branding of our brand product partners (Mars, Walkers and Britvic).Business cards included.

Software - A bespoke customer and sales database is provided. This will allow vending franchisees to monitor sales and customer service. We also provide specialist accounting software for franchisees, to assist with VAT returns, year-end accounts and financial planning.

Van Livery - We offer vehicle signage with our corporate imagery and provide advice on how your vehicle should be racked out inside, so you can operate your vending franchise business with maximum efficiency.

Operations Manual - The Snack-in-the-Box know-how is conveyed to the franchisee through our comprehensive Operations Manual. It is the property of Snack-in-the-Box and provided to the franchisee on loan.

Additional Field Training - A series of visits from Snack-in-the-Box personnel will follow over the franchisees first weeks and months. Providing systems, operational support and sales support and advice.

Please Note:

Your earnings depend on how much time and effort you invest in your franchise

Minimum investment in a franchise is £20,000.

Snack in the Box provides full training and support to aid you in maximising your income potential by enabling you to provide a first class vending service to your customers. This will maximise the sales of product in your vending machines and snack boxes therefore maximises your income.

Snack in the Box offers the on-going training and support to enable you to refine your customer base on a regular basis, in order to increase and maximise sales at all your customer sites.

We encourage a close partnership between our franchisees and our central office to enable you to maximise the full potential of your investment.