Delivering Snacks and Confectionery
to the Workplace!

Over the past 18 years, Snack in the Box has become renowned for confectionery delivery to workplaces around the UK.

In September 2009, Snack in the Box was taken on by SnackTime PLC. Snack in the Box is now part of one of the UK's largest national
operators for confectionery, snacks and chilled drink vending machines. The Group has thousands of installed vending machines
located throughout the UK & Ireland.

The change in ownership has enabled Snack in the Box Ltd to significantly improve the franchise packages offered to our customers.
Especially regarding profit margins, establishment and the sustainability of customers.

First Class Sales Support

Snack in the Box Limited owes much of its success to an effective, professional sales team. This team will be used to establish a genuine customer base for your new franchise, customers will be found for 100% of the equipment included in your franchise package.

The Snack in the Box installation team will also install the equipment into the customer premises. The support doesn't stop there, our sales team can be used at any time as well as a number of other areas of sales support - all helping you grow and develop your business.

Our service is offered with no cost... it's simple!

We take care of everything for our clients. They simply pay for what they eat, it couldn't be easier! In the working environment there are generally only 3 places where people obtain confectionery:

They bring it in from home.

Staff member visits a convenience store/garage etc at 10am, 1pm and 3pm to buy snacks.

Snack in the Box has proved that staff will purchase snacks when a regular, reliable service is offered under a corporate image in a pro-active way.

When you analyse it, snack vending is an impulse buy. It's less than a £1 decision, you want it and you want it now. As soon as the wrapper is taken off you have to have another one. That makes it both repeat business and recession proof!

It's Official! The UK has the sweetest tooth in the world! The average UK resident eats 11kg of chocolate, 5kg of sweets and 132 bags of crisps per annum.

In terms of money this works out at an average of almost £63 on chocolate plus £30 on sweets for every man, woman and child in a UK population of 59 million. The workplace can be a pressurised and busy environment for both management and employees. Management would like to provide facilities for their staff

The Snack in the Box Franchise

Established in 1996 Snack in the Box serves the UK's SME sector through a network of over 85 franchised operators.

Snack in the Box holds Full Membership of the BFA. With over 18 years franchising experience and a total committed attitude to providing a professional snack delivery service & excellent franchisor support. Snack in the Box franchisees enjoy the benefits of being their own boss. With added supported by a dedicated team of experts.

Snack in the Box are looking to provide franchises with an initial equipment and products. This will include Self Service Boxes, Slimline Vending Machines, Chiller Units and Combination Vending Machines. Once your client base is refined, it will take between 4 and 5 days to service with further opportunity to maximise your weekly cash turnover.

Charity Donations

Snack-in-the-Box and our franchisees help to raise and donate £10,000 each year to local and national charities.

Our franchisees are active in their local communities. This year our franchisees have walked, swam, ran, climbed and cycled for charity. We have been able to match their donations with the help of our generous customers.

At the end of each financial quarter Snack in the Box donate any remaining budget to a national charity.
For example: Comic Relief or Children in Need.