Becoming a franchisee FAQ

Your questions answered

Q. How long is the 'term' of the Snack in the Box Franchise Agreement?

A. Our Franchise Agreement is for 5 years and is renewable thereafter. The British Franchise Association stipulates that the "Duration (Term) of a franchise agreement should be long enough to allow franchisees to amortize their initial investments specific to the franchise".

The 5 year term of our agreement comfortably allows Franchisees to achieve this.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. A minimum level of investment in a Snack in the Box franchise is just under £20,000. Thereafter, we offer flexible mix and match franchise packages to suit your desired level of investment and the amount of annual earnings you wish to enjoy. Our franchise packages are a mixture of snack boxes and vending machines to suit your investment and the particular customer territory in question.

Q. Can I run the franchise business alongside another one?

A. Only in exceptional circumstances. In order to get the best out of a Snack in the Box Franchise it really does need to be run and serviced by the Franchisee in a full time capacity.

Q. Can I employ people to run the Franchise for or with me? 

A. Only in exceptional circumstances. In order to get the best out of a Snack in the Franchise it really does need to be run and serviced by the Franchisee in a full time capacity.We find that dedicated individuals happy to manage their own time and work by themselves, or husband and wife teams work very well.

Q. Is the Van included in the franchise package?

A. No, however we are able to recommend the type of vehicle required. We tend to find new franchisees either purchase a new or used van or lease a vehicle.

Q.  What are the levels of earnings that can be achieved

A. Our flexible packages allow us to mix and match the equipment in order to meet your earning requirements. We will be able to ascertain potential earnings level with you at a very early stage during our communications.

Q. What gross profit can I expect

A. Approximately 50%. Our franchisees currently purchase in excess of £5 million pounds worth of product per year. We have therefore been able to negotiate special prices with our suppliers and brand partners for our franchisees.

Q. Where does the product/stock come from?

A. Snack in the Box have specialist wholesalers who supply the product direct to our Franchisees doorsteps on a weekly basis!

Q. How many franchise territory customers/businesses can be serviced each day?

A.  Anything between 15 and 50 per day, dependant on the area serviced and the equipment that is sited in customer premises.

Q. Do the machines have a maintenance contract?

A. Our vending machines are really easy to maintain so no contract is required. Franchisees have a Snack in the Box helpline that they can contact, where an engineer is on hand to assist with any queries.

Q. Can I talk to your Franchisees?

A. Yes, once the selection process is in place you will be given access to our existing Franchisees, who will be able to discuss with you what it is like to run a Snack in the Box franchise and how buying a franchise business has worked for them.

Q. Do I need insurance?

A.  Business and vehicle insurance is required, however SITB has a 'group' policy that is available and covers all areas of insurance required

Q. What sales and marketing support is provided

A.   We provide marketing data and point of sale material which will assist you to develop and grow the business. In addition our Franchise Managers will provide you with a specific business development plan to follow for the duration of the Franchise

Q. What storage facility is required?

A. Most Franchisees operate the business from their home address, using their garage for storage of stock and equipment. Running a business from home is a massive benefit to our Franchise, as the overheads are very low.

Q. What makes a good Snack in the Box Franchisee?

A. We are looking for people who have a strong desire to run their own business, are self-motivated, hands on and who can provide excellent customer service, whilst at the same time want to develop their business. You will also need a current driving licence, a level of liquid funds for the purchase of the Franchisee and finally a garage or designated storage facility.

Q. Circumstances do change sometimes. Can I sell my business during the term of the Franchise Agreement?

A. Yes, Franchisees have the choice of sourcing their own purchaser or they can use the expertise of the Snack-in-the-Box recruitment team. Ultimately we will need to approve any potential purchaser.