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“My 3 objectives when buying this franchise were to gain a work life balance that I was in control of, a business that I could grow if I chose to and something that I could operate.”

Flexibility running business your way

David joined Snack in the Box in April 2016 and now services the Reading area. He has many Vending Boxes, Slimline Machines and Large Combination machines now sited in customer premises.

Snack in the Box asked David's about personal objectives, business in the ‘early days’ and his future plans. Most importantly – is he hitting the Sales Targets provided by Snack in the Box?

What made you first look at SITB?

“Snack in the box was a business that I looked at along with some other franchises, it was quickly obvious that the snack route was something that seemed easy to start, was a brand that was very recognised and allowed me to sell in a product with confidence with no preparation as such involved, .i.e kitchen/cooking.”

Why did you choose a SITB Franchise?

“Choosing snack in the box came down to the package that was on offer. Along with the local territory that was large enough to grow into should I wish. Another factor was the service provided by the SITB Sales Director, Sean Cleveland. The relaxed approach which didn’t put me under any pressure and allowed me to decide for myself. The business plan and projections were important. The field day with a franchisee and the transparency of information was a telling factor too.”

Before purchasing the Franchise, how detailed was the SITB ‘sales/selection’ process?

“The sales projections were actually shown in simple terms with a realistic visible net profit. The whole business was not oversold, but described as shown with realistic growth figures.”

What were your 3 key personal objectives when buying the franchise?

“My 3 objectives when buying this franchise were to gain a work life balance that I was in control of. A business that I could grow if I chose to and something that I could operate with ease and required no re-training.”

How did you find the initial training – did it help you in your early days as a franchisee?

“The whole training package was very well planned. From head office machine training day to meeting and servicing my accounts with the existing distributor. The relaxed but concise handover process, allowed me to meet and see the vital elements of the business.”

With the Launch Programme, did SITB deliver what was promised?

”Yes, the launch programme was structured in such a way that it allowed me a very accurate overview and timeline of my business. The tools I would need to hit the ground running was explained from day one going live.”

What have the support levels for us been like?

“The support to date has been very good. The franchise manager gives me a sounding board and a first point of contact in the event of any issues. There have been a few, none of which we haven’t managed to solve with minimal fuss. Having a franchise manager who has hands on knowledge of running a franchise is the perfect dynamic to give me a quick and accurate resolution. Engineering support is also very good and machine issues have been dealt with quickly. There are things that I think could help all franchisees and take some of the pressure off this department.”

What are the 3 best things about running the business?

“The 3 best things so far are not having to answer to anybody!. Managing my own day/week. And the total flexibility to run a business my way, albeit under the umbrella of a tried and tested business.”

Are you hitting your sales targets?

“So far the Sales based on my territory have in my mind been very consistent. It has taken some time to establish my week in terms of which accounts to visit and how often. In the beginning I was trying to see everybody every week, this was not unrealistic but unnecessary. As my thought process has evolved and as I have got to know my customers and gain their trust I now find it much easier to know my business. The short term plan now is to grow key areas within my territory as I have more time on my hands through working smarter not harder.”

What are your mid-term and long-term goals for the business?

“There are many options going forward. The easiest one is to utilise the sales expertise within the franchise to add accounts to my business. This will replace and refresh my customer base allowing some poorer performing accounts to be removed, which should benefit turnover. There are other possibilities which I haven’t scratched the surface of like expanding the area. Allowing somebody else to come on board who may be self-employed? To operate a part of my area, but these are things that I’m unsure of logistically but will discuss going forward.”

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