New Skittles production line at Yorkville


A $50m expansion has been completed by Mars, which will add 75 jobs and increase the workforce at the facility by 25%.

Wrigley’s Yorkville factory produces Mars brands, including Life Savers, Doublemint and Juicy Fruit already.

Mars decided on the expansion because the brand launched new seasonal flavour Skittles America Mix.

The company have said “The new Skittles link Yorkville is the latest example of Mars’ on going commitment to advancing the communities where it operates through economic investment, job creation and sustainable practices,”

 Mars has invested $1bn in US factories and operations. It’s created more than 1,000 jobs within the last 5 years. Which has shown the growth the company is making. It plans to invest an extra $900m on expansion of operations, staff training and development over the next few years.