Mars and Snickers see 40% less sugar and added protein varieties

Early next year customers in the UK will see (and taste!) the new protein packed Mars and Snickers bars. With a huge reduction in sugar levels of up to 40% 2019 sees a new healthier alternative for chocolate lovers. There are also other product developments in the pipeline, as Mars plans to extend smaller portion ranges and lower calorie versions.

The range will span Mars, Snickers, Twix, Milky Way Crispy Rolls, and Ripples, to give consumers the opportunity to experience the great taste of their favorite brands in a smaller portion size.

Snickers will have a whopping 10 grams of protein packed into its bars and an impressive 30% less sugar content. Mars more protein will contain 40% less sugar, totalling 17.5 grams per bar.

The new makeover comes at a time when brands are looking to update the classics, and continue to appeal to a wide audience. Reformulating products and adapting to consumer tastes is essential, now and in the future.

Of course, Mars and Snickers (formerly known as Marathon in the UK), are decades old brands that are always considered to be favorites in the UK. sFor this reason, consumer reactions to the new versions are vital! Mars Confectionery assures that they will satisfy taste, quality as well as being higher in proteins and much reduced in sugar. 

The previous and usual version of both bars will still be available on the market, as well as the new versions.