Happy World Chocolate Day!

It’s a time where people around the world can all celebrate their love for chocolate on July 7th. Chocolate is well known to have made it’s first appearance in Europe on this day in 1550.

The celebratory day is dedicated to all things cocoa where everyone is encouraged to indulge a little in their favourite treats. Whether it’s milk or dark chocolate, white chocolate or maybe even ruby chocolate!

It makes even more sense to be in the middle of Summer, when chocolate is known to melt, because it’s an excuse to eat it quicker! So enjoy yourself and indulge a little this July.

Here’s a short seasonal chocolate quiz to test your knowledge -

Q: On which continent was chocolate first grown?

A: South America

Q: When and where was the first solid eating chocolate bar made?

A: 1847 in Fry’s of Bristol

Q: Which ancient civilisation used chocolate as a form of currency?

A: The Aztecs

Q: What is the name of the process that gives chocolate bars its 'snap' when broken?

A: Tempering

Q: Which country eats the most chocolate per person?

A: Switzerland