Mars to cut greenhouse gases

Mars have stated that they aim to cut emissions from its supply chain by 67% by the 2050. They are also aiming to eliminate key labour processes too.

Mars are looking to address other sustainability issues, in an attempt to meet goals for climate agreements.

“We expect to have a competitive advantage from a more resource efficient supply chain”

In America, some companies have affirmed their commitment to battle climate change in recent months, following the president’s withdrawal from Paris climate agreement. This drew praise from fossil fuel groups but criticism from others.

Mars has been sequencing genomes for cocoa crops to make the plants more productive and has begun conversations with suppliers including mint oil manufacturers on potentially transitioning to renewable energy.

Mars currently produces chocolate and confectionery, pet food, and human food and is promising to make the 150 worldwide factories carbon neutral by 2040.

Mars already uses renewable energy to power its operations in US and UK markets.